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Waxing by depilève

Painless hair removal

Come and try it and you will be convinced by this unique depilatory method.
Quality and technological, these new wax methods are incomparable and different. For here the wax flows and the flow is the wax!  You will definitely be amazed!

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Pearl wax allows for a perfect depilation of the most sensitive areas of the face and body. Its pearly texture makes it possible to remove the hair gently and effectively.
The wax hair removal around the genital area and other sensitive areas of the body must be done with the help of body care products that are tailored to these sensitive areas.
To meet these requirements, Depileve has developed this special intimate film wax has a low melting point, a short drying time and an effective withdrawal developed. (contains: cocoa butter and oat oil, known for their protective, moisturizing and soothing properties) After depilation with this wax film, the skin feels very soft and is less reddened and irritated.
Crystal wax without tree resin is easy to apply and has excellent adhesion even on the shortest hairs. Its non-adhesive composition is ideal for summer and suitable for all skin types.

Kukui nut oil: The Hawaiian Kukui nut, whose scientific name is Aleuritis Molucanna (also known as candlenut), is known for its protective and restorative effects on sun, wind and sea parched skin. This oil is a natural source of fatty acids, which gives the skin vitality. This component increases the softness and elasticity of the wax to create the perfect hair removal system without irritating or damaging the skin.