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Ear Candle

The idea of treating the ears with candles originates from the American Hopi-Indians and is a very simple yet effective treatment of warmth and balance and is often used for treating headaches, ear-aches as well as for disturbances of your equilibrium.
The ear candle method works through the elements of light and warmth. The crackle of the ear candle flame is perceived as a gentle massage of the eardrum and leads to inner balance and wellbeing.

 Helpful when:

- Irritation of nose, throat and sinuses
- Colds/flu and their after-effects
- Ear-ache
- Buzzing and ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
- Headache and migraine (compensation of pressure)
- Local activation of blood circulation
- Coordination of the brain (hemispheres)
- Stimulates the discharge of energy
- Releasing of blockades
- Ear-hygiene, detaches earwax gently
- Nervousness
- Insomnia
- Hyperactivity
- Stress


Enjoy this treatment for 30 minutes or 1 hour.

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