Open Daily:
 9am - 12 midnight
Call: +62 361 751 042
Dua: +62 81 999 3939 22

Soma Dua - indulgence at its best

As is said, “good things come in small packages.”  This is so at Soma Dua.

Delight all your senses; indulge them in a unique experience of pampering. Wonderful relaxing massages in a retreat where peace and harmony are perfectly balanced with physical contact creating a new serenity which is valuable for the soul.

You will get the best service from the most qualified staff. Most of our therapists have worked in Europe, at four and five star hotels and on international cruise ships in the United Arab Emirates or in the Caribbean.  Come and enjoy your stay at your own personal island - Soma Massage and Spa!

Our staff welcome you.

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